digital experiences powered with ai and dxp


IONX was established to support customers located in Europe and the US. IONX help clients deliver Adobe Experience Cloud, Magnolia DXP, Liferay and E-Spirit - all Java based DXP and CDP Platforms. 


Our specialists work in the most popular programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Angular and React. The teams have an excellent understanding of Enterprise CMS, e-commerce, DXP and CDP platforms. 


We help chose and deliver best matching Enterprise CMS platform helping your business grow. We chose from Adobe AEM, Magnolia CMS, Lifreay and E-Sprit. It really depands what you plan to achive.


Artificial Inteligence can boost your company effectivenes, this is why we focus on helping connect data points and create automated experiences based on CDP, AI and UiPath for RPA projects.